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Turn Your #GenZ & #GenAlpha Kids into #Millionaires!!! #PenniesToProfits

Updated: May 1

Are you Ready to groom your #GenZ & Gen #Alpha Kids into #Millionaires?

Here’s 3 quick Tips to get started:

1️⃣ Dive into apps: Explore fintech apps designed for mini-moguls to learn about saving, investing, and budgeting in a language they’ll totally get. My son had his 1st debit card at 6Years Old so I could begin teaching him about managing his own money. He bought his first play stock at 8 in #WWE & his 1st real stock at 12 Years Old in #Roblox. We came to play no games when it comes to mastering #money for the next gen.

2️⃣ Gameify it: Transform money lessons into epic quests or challenges, b/c these kids r all about that gaming life! So if you can make it a game it’s easier to teach it to them. Kids are all about #Fun 😃 if it’s fun then they’re in🙌🏽

3️⃣ #TikTok tutorials: Show ‘em the money with bite-sized tips and tricks by making learning as fun as a dance challenge. I like #GraciesCorner #shebeonit. Her “Money Song” teaches the babies to be diligent about their coins. I started teaching my son negotiating skills with his chores. He learned very quickly not to bid him self down & to get top dollar for the task so he could buy more #robux😂. Start here and you’ll be well on your way to creating #kidprenuers by the time they come of age👏🏼. Let’s stay connected join our list by clicking here

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