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Failing Up. #PenniesToProfits #ManifestingMillions

Let’s not pretend….I failed my way up. And, It wasn’t smooth or easy. It was messy AF. I’ve had projects flop, ideas crash, and moments where I felt like I was never gonna get s*** right. Life wasn’t just falling—it was nosediving to the bottom with a parachute 🪂 that had holes in it.

There were days when doubt held first place in the confidence king ranking in my thought patterns and everything was literally breaking at the seams. I’m not here to tell you that it was a learning experience or that it made me stronger. This S*** was #PainfulAF & looking back I still get an ache in my gut when I think about that timeframe in my life. Now, was it a setback to set up? I suppose so. But, in the moment you don’t think about a lesson when the glass is shattering everywhere & you’re not sure if it can be pieced together again. In the moment, you’re begging and pleading to God the Universe or whatever your belief system is to just make the pain stop & make it all go away. Can anybody else can relate? Has anybody else been there🙋🏽‍♀️? Ik I ain’t alone so I’mma keep writing ✍️

Here is the Truth. Failure Is #Painful. It’s not glamorous or inspiring. It hurts, it’s awkward, and it makes you question EVERY SINGLE THING. That’s the truth💔. As you #Hodl Hold on for dear life…yeah, yeah, yeah, people will tell you “You Have to Push Through…Quitting is easy. What’s hard is getting back up after you’ve been knocked down.” My internal thoughts are usually please get out of my face & get away from me with the cookie cutter advice, unless you’ve been where I’m at I don’t wanna hear your advice. We all have them in our circles. Those who think they can just chime in on your life because they heard through the grape vine what happened. Yeah, I’m usually the one that’s like, “Dude, get out of my face”.

Here’s the thing, you have to wallow in your self pity for how ever long you need. And, when you’re ready to face your stuff & deal with it that’s on you. The point is to feel through it to deal with it and not run from it. Ik waaayyyy tooooo many people who go through stuff & jump up rejoining the world acting like the experience didn’t happen. Let me tell you something about the way the universe works, if you ignore it, it’s just going to keep popping back up over and over again until you master whatever took you down through there the first time. So, while being at the bottom of the valley with a broken parachute sucks…do you know what sucks even more? Ending up right back there again and again because you didn’t deal with the lessons of the experiences the first few times🤷🏽‍♀️

Now, that you’re done wallowing…there is a silver lining, failing isn’t the end. Often, failure is the beginning of taking steps in a different direction to put you on a unique path thats a blueprint of life’s destiny once you’ve done the hard work & faced stuff head on so acknowledge it and deal with it now you can adjust and move on. Now, the question becomes, where do I go from here? And, that’s the beauty of being able to begin again. You can chart a new course & set sail to a new destination by making some new goals. Then, shifting your energy towards creating & building once again.

#MajorTakeaway Failing is often the beginning & not the end….I hope you take it as it resonates.

Wishing you a Productive Week Ahead!


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